We will do our best to ship your order within 2 business days from the time the product is received. Please also read our shipping policybefore placing your order. Shop our KittySalon® Cat self Groomer and Feeding Station that keeps your home free of cat hair and your feline friend happy and healthy. Our KittySalon® Cat self groomer and feeding station is now in stock for immediate delivery! 

3 Replacement packs Groomer Discs (8 discs/pack) – 3 packs of Groomer Discs will groom your cat for up to 6 months

This price is for a 3 pack of (8) Groomer Discs


Each pack is $11.95!

87 in stock (can be backordered)

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2 in 1 Cat Self Groomer and Feeding Station Features:

11.95 ea. ($35.85) This price is for a 3 pack of (8) Groomer Discs.

Note: The Groomer Discs come packaged in a clear zip lock bag (8) discs per bag! (Grooms your cat for up to 6, months.)

The more packets you buy the more you save. In a typical household of 1-2 cats, a packet of Groomer Discs will last you up to 2 months. 3 packets of (8) Groomer Discs grooms your cat for up to 6 months). 6 packets groom your cat for up to 12 months.

Save a bundle by subscribing to our automatic Groomer Disc subscription program where we automatically ship you a pack of Groomer Discs every month. You’ll receive a 20% discount as well as FREE SHIPPING. At check-out please click on the renewal program you want. You can cancel anytime by giving us a call at 864-453-0050.

Sales tax will be charged on all orders coming from South Carolina and Florida.

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Each pack is $11.95!

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