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2 in 1 Cat Feeding station and Self Grooming-Bundle and Save!

Revolutionary cat grooming & feeding station in one! Minimize shedding, and promote health. Stylish design. Try risk-free for 60 days! Includes (2) pre-installed Groomer Discs


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2 in 1 Cat Self Groomer and Feeding Station Features:

The KittySalon Groomer® 2 in 1 Cat Feeding Station and Self Grooming is a groundbreaking solution meticulously designed to minimize the presence of cat hair in your living space while offering a convenient and comfortable haven for your beloved feline. Our innovative product seamlessly merges grooming and feeding, ensuring your cat reaps the benefits of a well-groomed coat with each nourishing meal.

Revolutionary Cat Feeding Station and Self Grooming Technology:

The KittySalon Groomer® employs an ingenious 2-in-line patented grooming disc system, ensuring your cat receives thorough grooming upon entering and exiting the 2-in-1 Cat Feeding Station and Self Grooming. This consistent grooming routine, happening multiple times daily, effectively eliminates loose cat hair, particularly from challenging areas like the underbelly. Bid farewell to daily shedding woes as the KittySalon acts like a magnet, significantly reducing cat hair on furniture, rugs, carpets, and clothing.

Less Mats, More Comfort:

Frequent grooming by the KittySalon Groomer® translates to fewer mats in your cat’s fur. No more grappling with tangles or the need for expensive grooming sessions to address matted hair. While our product doesn’t replace the need for occasional brushing, its unique design ensures cleaner fur, thwarting the buildup of hair that leads to matting. Revel in the delight of a well-groomed cat without the associated hassle.

Healthier Cats, Happy Homes:

A clean and well-groomed coat results in fewer hairballs. The KittySalon Groomer® actively contributes to your cat’s well-being by reducing uncomfortable hairball incidents, sparing you the need for specialized hairball medicine. Your cat will revel in better health, exuding happiness and comfort – a boon you and your feline companion appreciate.

Attractive Design for Every Home:

Constructed from high-quality molded plastic material, the KittySalon Groomer® flaunts an appealing design that elevates your home’s aesthetic. The two-tone warm and cool grey colors seamlessly blend with any interior, making it a stylish addition to your living space. With dimensions of 20 inches in diameter by 16 inches tall, it accommodates various breeds of short and long-haired cats, ensuring universal appeal.

Comfort and Convenience:

The clear acrylic lid invites natural light into the KittySalon, creating a secure and cozy environment for your cat while enabling easy monitoring of food and water levels. The two lifting handles and ample airflow ensure the ideal temperature within the 2-in-1 Cat Feeding Station and Self Grooming, making it a welcoming space for your cat year-round.

Integrated gravity dispensers for food and water provide hassle-free feeding. The food dispenser accommodates 10 cups of dry cat food, while the water dispenser holds 2 cups. For those opting for wet canned food, ample space for your food dish is provided. Cleanup is a breeze, as the food and water dispensers can be effortlessly removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Risk-Free Trial and Satisfaction Guaranteed:

We are confident that you and your cat will adore the KittySalon Groomer®. To solidify your satisfaction, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Please take advantage of our risk-free trial and try the product in your home for 60 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, return it to us for a full refund of your purchase price. Invest in your cat’s health and happiness and relish a cleaner, more harmonious home with the KittySalon Groomer® 2 in 1 Cat Feeding Station and Self Grooming

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SKU : KSG-00001


Revolutionary cat grooming & feeding station in one! Minimize shedding, and promote health. Stylish design. Try risk-free for 60 days! Includes (2) pre-installed Groomer Discs

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The KittySalon Groomer ® 2 in 1 Cat self Groomer and Feeding Station

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