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Surviving Cat Shedding Season: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung and your cat — and their hair — knows it.

Spring and fall are two of the biggest shedding seasons for cats because they start to lose their winter and summer coats. For all those cat owners out there, we have found some cat tips for helping you and your home survive cat shedding season this spring.

Don’t leave all of the work up to you or your cat. Instead, invest in the KittySalon Groomer! The fabric of our groomer discs catch loose cat hair while your cat enters and exits the groomer to eat. Order a KittySalon Groomer today and say goodbye to that pesky cat hair!

Surviving Cat Shedding Season

As much as you would like to think that your cat deliberately — and out of spite — leaves clumps of cat hair around your home, their shedding is dictated by the seasons. With warmer weather coming, your cat is getting their summer body ready so they can soak in the sun without a thick fur coat.

There’s nothing you can do to abate shedding season. In fact, cat shedding season has come.

That’s why we’re here to give you some cat tips and tricks for surviving the season without knitting a sweater from cat hair. When you’ve had enough cat tips, make sure you order a KittySalon Groomer for year-round cat hair control.

Lint Rollers

This is more of a tip that helps you than your cat. In fact, please don’t try to lint roll your cat, they won’t like that very much.

But when you notice cat hair on your pants, furniture, rugs, carpet, or everywhere, use a lint roller to help pick up that hair. If the area is too big, like your carpet or rugs, run a vacuum daily to help get that hair picked up.

Brush, Brush, And Brush Again

While it might seem like cats are always licking and grooming themselves, they could use some help — especially for the places their tongue can’t reach. Also, most cats love the attention of brushing and you might get their purring motor to turn on while your brush.

New to brushing? If you haven’t brushed your cat before, start with shorter sessions until your cat gets used to the texture and feel of brushing.

Cover Your Furniture

Do you have a black cat and a white sofa? That might not be an ideal combination during cat shedding season. If you’re looking for ways to reduce the amount of cat hair that gets on your furniture, using blankets and covers are a great option. This protects your furniture. Just cover anywhere your cat regularly lounges.

When cat shedding season is over, or when the blankets are covered in cat hair, wash them  and lint roll your couch!

Keep Your House Clean

Adding an air cleaner in your home can help pick up the loose hair that floats around in the air. Just make sure you replace those filters regularly, otherwise they’ll stop catching hair. 

Pro tip: Some air cleaners are designed specifically for pet hair. If you’re worried about massive amounts of cat hair or have a long-haired cat, you might invest in a more speciality air cleaner for your home.

Use A KittySalon Groomer

Your cat eats and drinks multiple times a day, so why not use that time to groom your cat? The KittySalon Groomer has a special fabric disc that rubs against your cat as they both enter and exit to access their food. The hair sticks to the disc instead of all over your home.

Once the groomer discs are filled with cat hair, replace them with a new one. This will give you more space to keep collecting hair. We recommend replacing the grooming discs every two weeks if you have one to two cats. If you have more cats, or shedding season is still in full swing, you might have to change the discs weekly.

Choose A Non-Shedding Breed

While it might be too late for some cat owners, there are breeds of cats that are known to shed less. If you’re looking for less cat hair in your home, whether it’s from preference or allergies, consider getting one of these breeds:

  • Bengal
  • Bombay
  • Burmese
  • Colorpoint shorthair
  • Sphynx

If you want to completely eliminate cat hair in your home, you could also go hairless with a cute hairless cat! Either way, there are options when it comes to hypoallergenic or low-shedding cat breeds.

Let The KittySalon Groomer Help You

When you use our groomer discs to help collect cat hair, you might find yourself with enough cat hair to make a hat or start a small cat hair knitting club. But that means they’re working!

Don’t wait until your cat has shed their spring coat! Follow our cat tips and order a KittySalon Groomer today and feel prepared for this, and the next, cat shedding season!



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