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How Our KittySalon® Cat Self Groomer Works

If you’ve been waiting for a sign that it’s time to upgrade your kitty’s feeder, this is it!

We know that cats love cleaning themselves. In fact, veterinarian Dr. Cynthia McManis estimates that adults cats spend 50 percent of their time awake grooming.

But that doesn’t mean your cat can always clean those hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, your cat might need a little help, especially when shedding season arrives. That’s where different cat grooming tools come in. Brushing and lint rollers can cut it some of the time, but when you’re finding clumps of cat hair all over your house, it might be time for something and more hands-off.

That’s why we designed a multipurpose cat self groomer that doubles as a feeding station. Our KittySalon® Groomer collects cat hair both when your cat enters and leaves the groomer using our grooming discs. Learn more about how our cat self groomer works and see if our KittySalon® Groomer can solve your cat hair problem.

How Our KittySalon® Cat Self Groomer Works

Finding a multipurpose cat feeding station that doubles as a groomer might sound too good to be true. But it’s not!

The KittySalon® Groomer was developed in a house full of cats and unmanageable amounts of cat hair. Any cat owner knows that finding the right cat grooming tools is challenging, especially if you’re dealing with independent or feisty cats!

But cats will do anything for their food. That’s why the KittySalon® cat self groomer conveniently stores your cat’s food and water inside the station. In order to enter the groomer, your cat walks through two soft groomer discs. The cat hair clings to the fabric of these discs, effectively grooming your cat each time they enter and exit the groomer.

Not all cats are used to enclosed feeders, so it might take some time for your cat to adjust to their new groomer. That’s why we recommend letting your cat get used to the groomer before inserting the discs. This makes the space seem less confining.

Don’t worry if it takes some time for your cat to warm up to their new feeder. Just make sure you never force them into the groomer! Cats always do things on their own time, no matter how long that takes, so be patient.

Once your cat is used to going in and out of the groomer for their food and water, then you can add the groomer discs. Just make sure you keep their food and water replenished and watch as your cat grooms itself every time it goes to eat or drink!

KittySalon® Cat Self Groomer

When it comes to cat grooming tools, our KittySalon® cat self groomer is the best multipurpose option. If you’ve been waiting to purchase the KittySalon Groomer you can get it now for a great price on our Shop page.

Order a KittySalon® Groomer special package from us today and find the best solution to keep the cat hair out of your home.



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